Historically we were a major player in keeping members of our community off the streets and getting them decent homes.

Tara and Martin representing TMCP with the Chief Executive Officer, and team members of MHS Homes at the Pride in Medway Awards Ceremony.

The TMCP Project provided a shelter house to help give homeless people somewhere safe to sleep, while simultaneously offering a number of activities to motivate people back into employment. The project also gave support, hot meals and clothing through the day centre.

One of our Cavendish Shelter happy ending stories
Christmas Lunch for the Homeless 2016

We succeeded in pushing the cause of our street homeless community members. This we did through various consultations with local government housing departments.

We are happy that getting people into emergency shelter has greatly improved than when we started out in 2017.

This now means we can concentrate on improving the lives of our members through employment and business skills empowerment programs carried out from our training centre in Chatham High Street.

Our aim at TMCP now and in the future is to empower members of our community with skills to enable them to get jobs or start their own business.

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